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How to brake on a motorcycle?

So you want to learn how to brake on a motorcycle? Well let’s say from the start that it will be the most important thing you will learn to do on a motorcycle. The efficient way to steer clear of a disaster is through correct use ofbrakes. Let’s start!!!

How hard can I brake?
This is a tricky question, my proposal would be to learn the key of your bikes braking performance. Good idea would be to explore the restrictions in safe surroundings. For example you can practice some stop exercise on a vacant parking lot, but remember to wear protective clothes just in case. While doing some training you may want to try stopping with your front brakes only, but don’t flip your bike! Try another exercise using your back brake, and then unite both in use to have a feeling of your bike.

ABS, is anti lock braking system, designed to notice tire slip or pulse. The system allows applying full effort at the hand and brake levers without worrying about locking the tires. Still, ABS is not as much efficient when the bike is leaned over to one side.

Should I use the front, rear or both brakes?
It is mostly about balance that is why most bikes have front and rear brakes.Most people agree that 70% of braking effort should go on the front wheel, and the 30% should go to the rear wheel. However, front brakes need more effort to brake because the weight shift from slowing down will shift the bike’s balance from the back to the front.

It is difficult to match the distance in stopping in wettraction. In conclusion you should be able to gain some facts from this post,and use them. Remember that always it is better to first practice than go outand ride.

Motorcycle Braking


So what is so special about patches?

Well first of all they give you the style. Meaning you get tougher, and you will have that angry look when passing by. Patches are good accessories for your jacket or vest. With our patches you can express your style. We have skull, rebel, eagle, double eagle, skeleton, and much more. Express your style with our patches check and them out here.

Motorcycle Leather Jacket Patch by

Summer Weight Driving Gloves

Safety should be a priority when riding a motorcycle. We would like to introduce new addition to our summer weight driving gloves. This leather motorcycle gloves with Velcro straps and air vent holes is available in multiple sizes to fit almost any hand. The extended sleeve is secured at the wrist with a Velcro-flap closure, enabling an easily adjustable fit. These summer-weight motorcycle gloves provide protection to the entire hand and a section of your arm with the extended sleeve.

Summer Weight Driving Gloves at

Ladies Tops

Our ladies’ tops are made with top grade genuine leather. The top itself is made out of the following, bone, beads, fringe and braid on front. The top can be tied on the back just like a halter top. The stylish details that are presented on this top are really beautiful. Ladies it is your time to shine and impress everyone! With this top we guarantee you that you will be noticed. You will feel very comfortable in this top.

Ladies Tops and Vests

Eye Protection!

Every motorcyclist not wearing a helmet with a shield should have at least pair of motorcycle glasses on. If you would really think about it, and we advise having two pairs, due to riding at night and using clear lenses glasses. Or when you are riding in bad weather conditions, use the regular glasses.

Transitional lenses are excellent for day and night riding. Basically, when you are exposed more to the sun, the glasses turn darker. When you are exposed less to the sun the glasses stay at normal color lens.

Polarized motorcycle sunglasses are suggested because they cut glare, and give a spotless view of the highway. It is easy to find both, clear and dark polarized eyeglasses. However, the darker polarized glasses will give you more safety from the sun on the road.

As to the comfort part, I would suggest getting Polarized Sunglasses they are more comfortable, and have better protection. Goggles and Sunglasses Sale

Myth or Truth

What is usually the first thing bikers do when they need more power? The pipes! From all custom market accessories a new exhaust is the best way to add performance, and power. However, have you noticed that in motorcycle topics loud pipes save lives is one of most popular topics? So is it a myth or truth? Some argue that loud pipes save lives on the road, and others argue that loud and noisy pipes are annoying. As we all know many communities in United States have put a ban on motorcycles with loud pipes, due to residential complains about the noise. Before I started riding I was one of those people that would be complaining, because I have not understood what it means to be a biker. In my conclusion I would have say it is the truth, that loud pipes save lives. You can hear it all the way from a mile, or in your blind spot while driving your car.

Myth or Truth? We want to hear your opinions!

Long Weekends

September 2, is just around the corner.  I was thinking that sometimes it is hard to choose where to go on the long weekends. You take into consideration, money, stay, food, fuel, and much more. However, some people are happy to stay at their homes and enjoy a nice quiet time alone.

Share with us what are your favorite places for the long weekend?  We all could use a new idea where to travel on long weekends.

How To NOT Dig Out After a Long Weekend

Harley-Davidson Drinkware by Tervis

Tervis and Harley Davidson entered a license agreement on combining the two brands to bring you collection of drinkware. Tervis is perfect for taking it on the road to wet your lips, it keeps your drink hot or cold and it comes with a lifetime guarantee. Tervis would go perfectly with our Motorcycle Chrome Cup Holder. You would be set for the longest journey with Tervis and our Chrome Cup Holder.

More information on Trevis can be found here.

More information on our Motorcycle Chrome Cup Holder can be found here.

Harley Davidson and Trevis


2012 OC BikeFest in Ocean City

The extremely anticipated OC BikeFest presented by Rommel Harley Davidson of Annapolis and Rommel Harley Davidson of New Castle and Smyrna. The OC BikeFest will be held on September 13-16. The OC BikeFest will take place on the same grounds as Sunfest. It will include two stages. It is packed with entertainment. Everyday there is something different to experience for example, Jesse James Dupree will rock the stage Sept. 13, at 5:30 p.m. , Grand Funk Railroad  Sept 14, at 5:00 p.m. , and Charlie Daniels Band Sept 15, at 5:00 p.m. There are a lot more attractions that will happen during those 3 days of motorcycle thrills.

There also will be a drawing during those days, you must be 21 years and older to enter Loaded Gun Customs, Custom Vintage Bike Giveaway. If you would like to see the motorcycle first, it is on display at the entrance of Oceans Downs Casino.

More information on 2012 OC BikeFest can be found here.

OC BikeFest Sept 13-16, 2012

DOT Helmets

The nature of motorcycle riding already makes it dangerous, so by using a motorcycle helmet, you reduce the chance of suffering serious injuries. Cheap motorcycle helmet is not something you should be looking for, because protecting your head is a priority. Invest in a quality DOT helmet. The proper sizing of your helmet is one thing you should really pay attention to. Make sure the helmet is snug, but not too constrictive, in a way that you can’t feel comfortable. Some of our DOT helmets feature a screwed or removable visor for your convenience. Our DOT collection of helmets includes different types of designs like, Boneyard Silver, Flame, Double Eagle, or Race Day Dot helmet. More information at .

200-Boneyard Silver DOT Helmet

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