Tips for Buying a Motorcycle

Do you sometimes need help with choosing the right motorcycle? We are here to help make the choice easier and less stressful. With our suggestions you will be able to buy a bike with no hassle.

1.What do I want?
First you should have your eye on a cruiser already, or at least know what kind of look, horse power etc. You should be deciding what kind of motorcycle you want, rather than people surrounding you deciding for you, and saying what they like or would want. You, the buyer have to feel comfortable on the bike, and with the bike when cruising.

2. What is my budget?
You probably have come across that question many times at this point. Having an amount of money set aside that you can spend on your bike will help you manage all your bills. Let’s say I am looking for a motorcycle that is used and under $4,000. I would be probably better off looking at some classified ads or newspapers. It is not always a good idea to be going to motorcycle dealer at the beginning of your search for your bike. Make sure to look online first, there are plenty online auctions, ads, and posts about bikes.

So now what if my budget is $10,000?

So if you have $10,000 to spend you might want to look at a motorcycle that is $9,000. Keep in mind that 10% to 15% of your budget will be spend on all the fees, so aim lower. Don’t hesitate about buying new motorcycle, however if you want to save a little money you should do research anyway before buying.

What if I decide to finance?

You may finance your motorcycle. However keep in mind that, the interest rate can be low for the first year. The next year it may suddenly jump up, without you knowing about it. Make sure to read everything twice before buying.

3. Patience is the Golden Key
Exercise you patience when buying your motorcycle. Don’t rush in and pick the first motorcycle you see on the lot. Someone might be selling the same motorcycle for lower price, because they might be moving, or because they can’t afford to have it anymore. Remember always research your market before buying. Be patient at all times, a better deal may be just around the corner.

4. Test ride
Test the motorcycle you want couple times at different dealer lots. Test riding the motorcycle will help you get a feel of how fast the bike is or how heavy it is to keep from falling. One test ride will not prove anything to you about the motorcycle. That is why you should test it 3 to 5 times, at different locations.

5. Opinions, Opinions, Opinions
Getting a second opinion on a motorcycle is a good idea. It should be someone who knows about motorcycles. Or it may be research on the internet from reviews, blogs, motorcycle forums, and much more. Ask your friends of what they think about the motorcycle; have them take a look at it.

6. I am buying it
So you have decided to buy a motorcycle? Good choice, now couple of things to remember, make sure to follow up on your payments if you finance. Take good care of your motorcycle, keep it clean, and attractive. Don’t be afraid to give your bike some gas to get out from tough spots. Keep a safe distance from other vehicles on the road. Be sure that you are guiding the motorcycle.

Good luck on your new purchase and be safe on the road!

If you have any suggestions as to what we can add to the post, please comment! We always like when bikers add their own opinion.

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