eBikerLeather Blog Contest Blog Contest!

We will give away any of the following items:

Vest Extenders

Waving U.S.A Flag Angel on Bike Chopper Cross
Vest Extender Waving Flag Vest Extender Angel on Bike Vest Extender Chopper Cross
USMC Logo Fire Department Pow Mia Logo
 Vest Extender USMC Logo  Vest Extender Fire Department Logo  Vest Extender Pow Mia
Buffalo Nickel Rebel Flag
Vest Extender Buffalo Nickel Vest Extender Rebel Flag

However, there is always a catch with give away prizes. Ours is that you post  5 comments under different topics. We would really like you guys to get involved into our posts on our blog. So if you do 5 comments under any of our blog topics we will send you one of the items from our list above, and you can pick whichever one you want. There is a limit on how many people can win so hurry up and start commenting.

*In order for us to reach you with your prize please put your EMAIL with your last comment.
**Limited to first 3 people.

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