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So today I do my usual routine of checking my e-mails and I stumble upon e-mail from a customer with a subject saying: “Please explain why you are better than other business online and why should I buy from your company.”

I am proud to be working at I really enjoy, love and support my job with all my efforts to bring you the best of . We pride ourselves in offering the best leather that is out there, meaning top genuine leather. Sometimes when we receive shipment some of our products are shipped back to the factory for replacements. We don’t want anything in our warehouse that will not satisfy our customers or us.

We always try our best to provide service that is outstanding and that supports our qualities. Sure they may be some mistakes on our end we make, but we are only humans not robots. Our support stuff is here for your needs. We are here when you call us, always answering “Thank You for Calling”. Our phone support will be always there for you!

Our shipping methods are usually same day shipment, however there might have been some cases where we have send our product next day, but the customer still got it the day of the scheduled arrival. Like I have said before, we always give our best when it comes to customer service.

Combining those efforts together you get a 100%satisfaction from your order, from the start, when choosing the product to the end when picking it up from your stairs. What do we get? We get the satisfaction that we were able to help a customer. Your feedback improves our service to our customers.

Right now we have a offer for 10% off any purchase. Use promo code BLOG12 for your 10% off!

BLOG12 10% Off Coupon

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