Riding Motorcycle in Rain

Some people enjoy riding their motorcycle in rain, and some are terrified of it. When you are riding your bike for the first time, the clouds will be your nightmare. Youwill be racing home for shelter, away from rain. Sometimes it happens that you get caught in a storm. Your riding experience changes, all of sudden, your body gets more stressed. That is why you need to gear up with our tips.


Tip #1 – Buy the appropriate gear. We know that a lot of people are anti-gear, but that rainsuite will keep you warm, and mostly dry. Waterproof boots for the road and high quality gloves. It is better to have a full face helmet or detachable faceshield.

Tip #2 – The first 15 minutes, after it starts to rain it is the slickest. Now is a good time to pull over and get hot cup of joe. Vehicles deposit oil, brake fluid and lots of other crud on the road over time. When it rains, all of crud that was build up on road over the years mixes with water and just sits on top waiting for your two wheeled ride to slide.

Tip #3 – Slow Down!Give us a Break! How many times we see this sign while construction is on theroad? A lot of times construction and rain is a dangerous place for motorcycles. Always slow down!

Tip #4 – Ride behind one of the two wheels of the car in front of you. This way when the car suddenly stops you will be able to go left or right. Now this is not so safe idea. But it has worked for me in the past so I decided to share it as well.

Tip #5 – In the rain you need to be very calm, and patient. Don’t let the rain and slippery road get to your head. Keep your eyes focused on the road. Make sure to have a normal grip on your handlebars don’t over squeeze it.

In conclusion overall eBikerLeather does not recommend riding in the rain neither do I.

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