Big Motorcycle Sissy Bar Bag SB2

The SB2 is loaded with features that will make your life easier and friends jealous. With the classic look of the bag you will be attracting more attention to the bag, than yourself. Our bags are 100 percent UV protected. The studs are durable and won’t break in couple uses. This bag can fit your laptop or an IPod. Let’s take a closer look at the top section of sissy bar bag SB2. As you can see the top section is secured, and can be used to take your tools on the road trip with you. Now on the sides of the bag you can store, a lot of things for example, gloves, water, sunglasses, and much more. The side pockets can easily fit a small notepad with twenty pens. The front of the bag at the bottom has a small pocket for your extra needs: a watch, bracelets, bandana, and more. Now the big space inside the bag can fit your laptop, clothes to change, boots, and whatever you can think of at the given time.
In my opinion this motorcycle sissy bar bag is 5 stars out of 6, the only thing is that I would want it to have more studs around it. Other than that it is good fit for anybody or a perfect gift guaranteed!

Big Motorcycle Sissy Bar Bag

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