Eye Protection!

Every motorcyclist not wearing a helmet with a shield should have at least pair of motorcycle glasses on. If you would really think about it, and we advise having two pairs, due to riding at night and using clear lenses glasses. Or when you are riding in bad weather conditions, use the regular glasses.

Transitional lenses are excellent for day and night riding. Basically, when you are exposed more to the sun, the glasses turn darker. When you are exposed less to the sun the glasses stay at normal color lens.

Polarized motorcycle sunglasses are suggested because they cut glare, and give a spotless view of the highway. It is easy to find both, clear and dark polarized eyeglasses. However, the darker polarized glasses will give you more safety from the sun on the road.

As to the comfort part, I would suggest getting Polarized Sunglasses they are more comfortable, and have better protection. Goggles and Sunglasses Sale

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