Myth or Truth

What is usually the first thing bikers do when they need more power? The pipes! From all custom market accessories a new exhaust is the best way to add performance, and power. However, have you noticed that in motorcycle topics loud pipes save lives is one of most popular topics? So is it a myth or truth? Some argue that loud pipes save lives on the road, and others argue that loud and noisy pipes are annoying. As we all know many communities in United States have put a ban on motorcycles with loud pipes, due to residential complains about the noise. Before I started riding I was one of those people that would be complaining, because I have not understood what it means to be a biker. In my conclusion I would have say it is the truth, that loud pipes save lives. You can hear it all the way from a mile, or in your blind spot while driving your car.

Myth or Truth? We want to hear your opinions!

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