Red = Brake

How to brake on a motorcycle?

So you want to learn how to brake on a motorcycle? Well let’s say from the start that it will be the most important thing you will learn to do on a motorcycle. The efficient way to steer clear of a disaster is through correct use ofbrakes. Let’s start!!!

How hard can I brake?
This is a tricky question, my proposal would be to learn the key of your bikes braking performance. Good idea would be to explore the restrictions in safe surroundings. For example you can practice some stop exercise on a vacant parking lot, but remember to wear protective clothes just in case. While doing some training you may want to try stopping with your front brakes only, but don’t flip your bike! Try another exercise using your back brake, and then unite both in use to have a feeling of your bike.

ABS, is anti lock braking system, designed to notice tire slip or pulse. The system allows applying full effort at the hand and brake levers without worrying about locking the tires. Still, ABS is not as much efficient when the bike is leaned over to one side.

Should I use the front, rear or both brakes?
It is mostly about balance that is why most bikes have front and rear brakes.Most people agree that 70% of braking effort should go on the front wheel, and the 30% should go to the rear wheel. However, front brakes need more effort to brake because the weight shift from slowing down will shift the bike’s balance from the back to the front.

It is difficult to match the distance in stopping in wettraction. In conclusion you should be able to gain some facts from this post,and use them. Remember that always it is better to first practice than go outand ride.

Motorcycle Braking

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