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We have asked couple of times to submit your picture with your ride, and we will feature the pick on our blog and facbeook page. This week’s pick is Crystal Davis, she has passion for photography and motorcycle awareness. Shes has a nice sweet personality with a lot of potential for motorcycles. Her cravings are riding her motorcycle and letting go free.  Crystal is a mom of 4 kids, and the hassle is just pinch in her daily routine.

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Who will fly first?

Just a quick glance at what we can experience in 10 years. Who will fly first? Will it be cars or will it be motorcycles? In eBikerLeather Daily we found a short article about motorcycle flying. The article has a post that was written back in 2011 showing the Gyrocycle as a prototype. Now Gyrocycle is much more than just a prototype, it has the functionality to fly and it works. So now there is a question how long more we will have to wait or how much Gyrocycle will cost average person.

Prototype in 2011

Working Gyrocycle in 2012

It’s Not a Gang?

We want to learn how motorcyclists call themselves while riding in a group. Is it Gang or Club ride? Now the reason us asking that question is that some people would dare to join a gang. Those are the questions average people will ask each other. We will not know until joined the club. However, I have done some search on couple clubs. They do prefer to be called a Club instead of a Gang. Here is the difference between the two. Gang is members that need to do some think to get in, or they get killed on exits. Now a club is different, to be in a club you need to have the right fit personality. You need to be prepared to ride more than 20,000 miles with your members. So the club is more like a family, and knowing about other more than you know about yourself.


Future Motorcycle, Old School or Modern?

Our last article was more about how the business is turning out for motorcycle industry. Now this article will be about how motorcycle have changed.

First we have Old School Motorcycles, the beast that were born first for all to enjoy. Let’s take Time Bandit Deluxe for example, it was a hot motorcycle a big deal if you had one. The design overall was beautiful now if you would come to see the design today, you would probably just liked it, unless you are into old school bikes.

Old School Motorcycles

Let’s leap into modern motorcycles, and see how they affect us today. Let’s take Harley Davidson Road King 2000. From old school to Harley it is a big jump. Harley’s motorcycles have more modern design, shape, engine, and more. Now if you take a look at Road King 2012, you will notice small changes over the 12 years.

Harley Davidson Road King 2000

Finally we are at Future Motorcycles year 2025, which are only prototype or in works. Now the design has changed totally from chrome to more slick designs. Will people like the new designs? Or are we just too much into modern motorcycles. We should think that the future motorcycles will be more safe, but with all the technology you never know. In the future we hope to see motorcycles that will bring both modern look and old school look. But we do believe that the future is seeing motorcycles more as new look that should have been in style already back in 2012.

Future of Motorcycles

Thoughts About the Future of Motorcycles

Have you ever looked back on how motorcycles have change over the time. Including speed, design, feel, weight and more. What about motorcycle business? It has changed as well due to economy. We think that almost everyone is fascinated how our technology has changed and us. Remember the past, when popular songs on the radio were about motorcycle, racing or cars. Now take a look at the current year, motorcycles have become not so popular. That is due to technology, because an average guy will want either iPhone or PS3 instead of a motorcycle.

So are we saying that motorcycles are dead to young people? No! They are not dead it is just that we have noticed a drop in young people buying a motorcycle. The best of all this is that all bikers stick together and bring the best to show off.

What is your view?

Rawhorse Power

Wrist-Mounted iPhone Accessories

Weather changes in fall all the time. We have been on a search for a perfect phone holder. However where it mounts is our only problem. The wrist mount for phones makes it easier not to stop every time to get a call or message. It also provides GPS, receives calls, reads message and plays your favorite tunes. Now since this is so amazing why we don’t have it in stock? Because it mounts on a wrist, there are more than 50 products that do the same and are build in to equipment. For example, one of our co-workers has a helmet that has all those features. It also has a drop down visor, and the helmet is D.O.T Approved. So why pay $140 for the kit, when you can get a better deal on a helmet. You are buying for the future not just one time use. This is cheaper alternative for not spending  a lot of money but enjoying maybe same results.

More information can be found here.

Wristmounted Accessories

These Chaps are a Great Deal

We have missed our routine with posting a review of men’s and women’s clothes. Let’s make up for that and start with men’s chaps. You can sit here and read our boring review or you can post your own if you own the chaps.

Let’s roll with it already. First of all we all should know that you need to buy one size bigger chaps, due to leather stitching. Chaps itself are presentable, they are made from top grade naked cowhide leather. They feature one leather panel, one pocket, mesh lining, and zipper that runs alongside.

Now that was brief introduction let’s do a real review.

So we have send out these chaps to two of our customers, and here are their reviews. Just forgot to add that the review period was 20 days.

Dave From Canada
These chaps are a great deal. The best quality you will find for the money. They do run a little large so keep that in mind when ordering. The leather is a nice soft, supple leather that fits your body like a glove and is great if you’re going out to ride your Harley or going to the bar. I highly recommend these chaps.

Donald From Illinois
Great chaps! I used them for 20 days just to beat the crap out of them for my review. They are great at keeping the wind & cold out. They look good doing it too. I too. I too took the advice of others here & got a size up and the area around my knee & calf is a bit snug but they will stretch out some over time.

If you would like to participate in next review just send us your address to where we can ship the product.

One Panel Chap with side zipper Naked Leather

Pink Bike

What do you think of T-Mobile commercial with the girl and motorcycle. To us it seems like a good tactic to attract more riders. Is it working? You tell us if you joined T-Mobile because of this commercial.

The commercial represents speed? Well look at it this way if you are a biker lover all you will see is beautiful bike and a hot girl by the bike. So in our point of view we definitely focused on the bike and the girl than  the fast speed of T-Mobile.

T-Mobile Pink Motorcycle

Get to Know Our Plan

So we have decided to introduce our self  to everyone. As you know we are average guys, and gals riding motorcycles on daily basics. Our community is small, but the passion for motorcycles is out of this world. Since we started a blog our main goal was to produce open community to everyone, just like forums. So by doing that everyone would be able to ask us questions. Now it has been couple months, and we are not receiving the input we thought it would be. But that does not worry us, at least yet.

If you are reading this you are probably thinking another post of theirs about blog. Well this is not one of those posts, it is about having a community of bikers that would support us and we would support them back. If you are passionate like our facebook page and spread the word, let’s form a big bikers community.

Why do we want to form a community?

Because as bikers we hang in groups, we have many friends that we don’t meet on twitter or facebook, but on the road. And sometimes staying in touch with them is hard. But now let’s not exclude those that do not know about our community. We love input from everyone, on our posts. The help that we can get from our community is greatly appreciated on giving advice to new or experience riders.

What do you think, are you in on creating bikers community and advice center with us? Step up and respond!

Bishop Hitting the Road on a Motorcycle

James E. Hazelwood

When I read the title, I had no words for it. But now since some time passed I am happy that I have read that article. We are all invited by the bishop to ride along with him. To us that is honor and something special that does not happen often. The ride will be to Trinity Lutheran Church in Worcester, Mass on Saturday.

Will you be there on this special event?

Find our more here.

Bishop Hitting the Road on a Motorcycle

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