Conquer the FEAR!

How many of us have been in a crash? I am sure that more than 75% reading our blog were in an accident. Whether it was your fault or not it still counts. It is not easy to overcome the fear after a crash. I have a short story to share with everyone. This accident happened around April 2011.

It was a sunny day, atypical day when you go out and take a ride on your bike. At that time I and my friend John were at Lancaster, PA. After riding while we stopped at a truck stop just to freshen up, and grab a cup of coffee to go. We got outside and started to put our helmets and gloves on. All sudden we hear BOOM; we did not know that it was an accident until we turned around. The body of a biker flew at least 15 feet away from the accidents spot. I and John quickly rushed to help both the driver and the biker. The driver was fine; however the biker had serious injuries. We called for ambulance and they have rushed the biker to the hospital. The next day me and John went to visit the biker. His name was Bill, age around 28 with two kids and a wife. His words in hospital to us were, “Never assume you have more time than you can predict.” Those words have been with me for a year now, but each time I get on my motorcycle the words always come to my head. After that accident me, John and Bill became good friends. Bill has been recovering since April last year; he says that he does not think that he will be able to ride his motorcycle again. You might be riding perfectly up to speed limit but that does not mean others will do the same.

In conclusion the fear took over his body, however his stronger than the fear. Fear can be conquered by trying, and overcoming the past. Letting go will be best to do when you are ready for a ride. To be honest I have been in one accident but nothing major like Bill, so it was easier for me to overcome the fear of motorcycle.

Any suggestions on how to overcome fear? We all could use some advice including me.

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