Review of MJ780-ORANGE

Today I will do a review of one of our products; I will try to get the following categories, size, details, comfort, and style. What I have done is went out and road my motorcycle with the jacket on, I was considering if I won’t be too hot in the jacket. After 20 minutes of riding , I felt like having a stop for a cup of coffee. I took off the jacket and you can imagine that I was sweating little. The jacket over all is comfortable when riding motorcycle. I had no problem with moving on my bike. I am a person who needs little extra room in sleeve which this jacket has. It is not a lot of room but enough for my movements.

The size for me originally was L however, I used the measuring chart provided on website and bought a XL size. I was satisfied because the jacket was fitting me perfectly. It shaped my body really well, not like some other jackets that leave you either tight or with too much room so it looks like you got it three times extra large.

Style is the most important impact of riding a motorcycle. Everyone wants to look tough and cool on their bike. This jacket is stylish, looks really good when wearing it, and also adjusts to your body.


  • Made from Top Grade Genuine Leather Soft Durable Leather
  • Features a Z/o lining that runs through the sleeves
  • Also includes a neck warmer
  • Light Reflector On Front & Back
  • Includes 2 Air-Vents on the front and 1 on the back
  • Velcro Adjustable Straps on Sides
  • Multi pockets outside & inside pocket
  • Zippered & Snap Cuffs

Overall my grading of the jacket is on scale 1 out of 6.

Comfort – 6
Details – 6
Size – 6

Style – 5 Men's Motorcycle Jacket MJ780-Orange

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