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I hope everyone has a wonderful monday!

eBikerLeather took the time and opportunity to sign up at hd forums. Here is what we had to say in our post:

Hello everyone!

I would like to introduce offers to everyone. Our Labor Day Sale is still going on till 9/15/2012, why not take advantage of it. What can eBikerLeather offer you? We can offer you better pricing guaranteed!  The best products selection for men’s and women’s motorcycle apparel. Don’t like the shipping price make sure to find one of our discounts to bump the price down. Our discounts can be found on our home page or our blog under coupons. Currently there are two coupons for 10% off. What out’s can we give you? Amazing support, you can call us anytime at our business hours for help and you will be satisfied guaranteed. On our blog you can read about our topic on why buy at . Not satisfied yet? That is ok, give us a call we can answer any questions that you have from Mon-Fri 9:00 am to 5:00pm EST.

Our products feature, motorcycle cup holders, men’s apparel, ladies’ apparel, textile jackets, chaps and pants, rain cover suits, kid’s leather, motorcycle gear bags, helmets, boots, gloves, accessories, patches, and t-shirts.

We have seen couple bad reviews about us on forum and they should not apply to your decision whether to shop with us or not. Due to new management since 2011, and right now we are more than ever focused on our customers feedback.

We apologize for any inconvenience in the past that have occurred while the old crew was working at

I would like to thank everyone for not shutting the door on us, since we all know forums can be harsh some times on new people.

Any questions can be answered over the phone, email, blog or here.

Enjoy, eBikerLeather Team

As soon as we get some information on how to become forum sponsor, you guys will be able to receive discounts as HD Forum members. Take advantage of the deal!

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