Ladies Halter Top SK928 Review

In general, women’s clothing is very different from men’s even when it’s in the same category such as jeans and in the motorcycle world, this is also true. Even if the style looks the same, the body shape of a woman requires adjustments since leather is best worn with formfitting clothing being the norm.

Let’s take a moment and do a review on our ladies’ halter top. We have sent out 3 of ladies halter tops to our customers for a review from them. Here is what they had to say after wearing it for one week.

Mariel from FL
Ladies the attention this vest gets among our boys is incredible. I am satisfied with this halter top. I recommended it to everyone who wants attention, or like to get naughty!

Celine from CA
After one day I was little skeptical about this halter top, but it changed my mind on third day of wearing it. The halter top fit me very well, I did love the way it brought out my upper body. I would personally recommend this halter-top to other ladies.

Tricia from SD
I received package from eBikerLeather and it said that I was entered in a contest to wear their halter top for a week. I called them up and they did confirm that this was all true. After not being sure, I decided to give it a try. My boyfriend is a biker rides 09 HD Fat Boy, when he came home he could not take his eyes off me. Ladies I am in love with the halter top, after one week it has changed the way I feel about myself and the way my husband looks at me. I personally recommend this top to everyone!

More information about this top can be found here.

Ladies Halter Top at


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  1. Lori Wiles

     /  September 12, 2012

    This is awesome!!!


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