It Can Wait

We are in an age  that technology spreads very fast. We are expected to answer the message or a call right away. You have probably seen AT&T campaign about “It Can Wait“. The campaign focuses on taking a pledge of not texting while driving, or riding. However, we know that you must be very ignorant to text while riding your bike or pick up a call. If you have a bike you probably have a car as well. We are taking this pledge of not to text while driving, and you should take it as well with us.

We took the pledge now it is your turn!

Click here to take the It Can Wait Pledge.

Take the Pledge It Can Wait

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  1. Katherine Lesiak

     /  September 14, 2012

    The fines for ANY cell use while driving should be increased!

  2. Agree! People would start paying attention to the road.

    Thanks for Commenting!


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