There have been a lot of crosses between car and motorcycle before the C1. The feature that the C1 has is that you are completely enclosed and you don’t need a helmet to ride it. However, there is a catch you will need a motorcycle license. The C1 can go about 200 miles on a single full charge. The plan that Lit Motors has is to raise another 20 million to build beta prototype and start selling it at $12,000 by 2014. However, to make one of C1’s will cost Lit Motors $19,000. Another rumor that I read online was that when the C1 parks it extends its landing gear. Can it be done to have the safety of a car and the freedom of a motorcycle? We will have to find out when they start producing the C1.

Lit Motors has a video on their home page that is worth seeing, and it will explain more about the C1.

Lit Motors C1

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