MJ708-SS Review from Sweepstakes Winner

Today we would like to drag your attention to the MJ708-SS. You might have noticed that we recently had two Sweepstakes winners, and now one winner has made a review of our product. Let us talk about the MJ708-SS before we give you the review insider.

MJ708-SS is made from Cowhide Leather, which aligns to your body. One of the features of MJ708-SS is Zip-Out lining, which runs through the sleeves. Are you sometimes cold in your neck? MJ708-SS can fix that problem with its neck warmer. It will keep you warm at any given time. What is also cool about this jacket that it has a snap-down collar. Do you need a lot of pockets? The MJ708-SS has multi pockets which can keep your cell phone, gum, keys, watch, and much more.

Review from our Sweepstakes Winner.

Pat Ramey, said “Thank you so much. I received the xl men’s coat I asked for. It is so heavy, very well constructed. Thank you again, it is just beautiful!!!!”.

Thank you Pat for your review of our product.

Mens Motorcycle Jacket MJ708-SS

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