Rude Biker Chick or Rippin Kitten

If you like or love tough chicks, then make sure to read Rude Biker Chick and Rippin Kitten. While we read couple of the posts from both blogs, we were not able to tell who is more tough. Pay attention to some of the words that are stated on the blogs. You can feel the toughness of each post. Help us choose which chick is more tough Rude Biker Chick or Rippin Kitten ?

Winner is Rippin Kitten! Congrats!

Share your comments with us on who would you choose between Rude Biker Chick and Rippin Kitten for being toughest.

Rippin KittenSash Mouth

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  1. Hey! I just saw this! Thanks so much for including me!! I may not be as tough as Rippin Kitten, but I’m a whole lotta fun! I really appreciate the mention and keep coming back to my blog. . . . I may just surprise you one day!! 😉
    Thanks again!


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