Get to Know Our Plan

So we have decided to introduce our self  to everyone. As you know we are average guys, and gals riding motorcycles on daily basics. Our community is small, but the passion for motorcycles is out of this world. Since we started a blog our main goal was to produce open community to everyone, just like forums. So by doing that everyone would be able to ask us questions. Now it has been couple months, and we are not receiving the input we thought it would be. But that does not worry us, at least yet.

If you are reading this you are probably thinking another post of theirs about blog. Well this is not one of those posts, it is about having a community of bikers that would support us and we would support them back. If you are passionate like our facebook page and spread the word, let’s form a big bikers community.

Why do we want to form a community?

Because as bikers we hang in groups, we have many friends that we don’t meet on twitter or facebook, but on the road. And sometimes staying in touch with them is hard. But now let’s not exclude those that do not know about our community. We love input from everyone, on our posts. The help that we can get from our community is greatly appreciated on giving advice to new or experience riders.

What do you think, are you in on creating bikers community and advice center with us? Step up and respond!

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