Wrist-Mounted iPhone Accessories

Weather changes in fall all the time. We have been on a search for a perfect phone holder. However where it mounts is our only problem. The wrist mount for phones makes it easier not to stop every time to get a call or message. It also provides GPS, receives calls, reads message and plays your favorite tunes. Now since this is so amazing why we don’t have it in stock? Because it mounts on a wrist, there are more than 50 products that do the same and are build in to equipment. For example, one of our co-workers has a helmet that has all those features. It also has a drop down visor, and the helmet is D.O.T Approved. So why pay $140 for the kit, when you can get a better deal on a helmet. You are buying for the future not just one time use. This is cheaper alternative for not spending  a lot of money but enjoying maybe same results.

More information can be found here.

Wristmounted Accessories

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