Future Motorcycle, Old School or Modern?

Our last article was more about how the business is turning out for motorcycle industry. Now this article will be about how motorcycle have changed.

First we have Old School Motorcycles, the beast that were born first for all to enjoy. Let’s take Time Bandit Deluxe for example, it was a hot motorcycle a big deal if you had one. The design overall was beautiful now if you would come to see the design today, you would probably just liked it, unless you are into old school bikes.

Old School Motorcycles

Let’s leap into modern motorcycles, and see how they affect us today. Let’s take Harley Davidson Road King 2000. From old school to Harley it is a big jump. Harley’s motorcycles have more modern design, shape, engine, and more. Now if you take a look at Road King 2012, you will notice small changes over the 12 years.

Harley Davidson Road King 2000

Finally we are at Future Motorcycles year 2025, which are only prototype or in works. Now the design has changed totally from chrome to more slick designs. Will people like the new designs? Or are we just too much into modern motorcycles. We should think that the future motorcycles will be more safe, but with all the technology you never know. In the future we hope to see motorcycles that will bring both modern look and old school look. But we do believe that the future is seeing motorcycles more as new look that should have been in style already back in 2012.

Future of Motorcycles

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