Are you a real biker?

With that question we don’t mean an average person that rides their sport bike or that goes out on weekend to ride. We mean the real biker, that is in a club, has ridden more than 20,000 with its friends, has a tough look The leather-jacketed, long-haired biker on the open road is a modern American icon. A symbol of freedom, and of rebellion, the image was immortalized and romanticized, in iconic movies. A bike should own a hard core motorcycle probably like Harley Davidson, do you agree?

So now how would you classify a biker that rides for pleasure? You would not say his fake. To be honest it is hard to categorize bikers in categories. To us a biker is a person who enjoys riding his motorcycle more than 4 times a week. A real biker to us is a person who is in a club, rides more than 20,000 miles, rides his motorcycle to Sturgis, and hangs with his crew all the time. I believe we don’t need to discuss sport bikers because they have their own category.

Have a different opinion?

Real Bikers

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