Motorcycle for “Real Bikers” NOT

Now what made us write about this motorcycle is the title of the article which is “An Electric Motorcycle for Real Bikers”. Real bikers? Seriously, we just had an article about real bikers and this motorcycle is far away from being considered a real bikers ride. It can’t come close to Harley Davidson designs, or any other company. The designer of this motorcycle is Bernard Ranner, and he has stated that it’s the first motorcycle for real bikers. Bikers who might dislike the electric stuff might fall in love with the design. We don’t think so, even the loudspeaker feature will not change real bikers mind on this motorcycle. Did you see the bike we built out of Lego?

It is official it’s not a Real Bikers Ride!

zevs01 ZEVS: An Electric Motorcycle for Real Bikers

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