Review of BLJ266-CC-Purple

How many times before we have said that our clients get the best support that we can offer. Probably million by now and you are tired of hearing it. Now let’s check out what Pamela has to say about our support and jacket.

Review from Pamela
LOVE this coat and this site

At first I had a hard time ordering because there were no sizes listed, so I contacted Brien thru email( facebook) and he answered immediately and took care of problem the next morning. I placed my order on wed. it is now Friday and my coat was waiting on me when I got home from work! AMAZING! I tried it on and it fits great! I LOVE the zip out lining as now I can wear it when it is fall as well as cold winter weather. the design is gorgeous and the free gift is much appreciated….even received a phone call asking what size free gift( fingerless gloves) I wanted…these guys really have it ALL TOGETHER and I WILL be ordering again (leather coat this time with fringes….) I can’t find anywhere that has as good of quality for as low a price…plus no shipping fees/ taxes…AMAZING!!!!!!!!

Check out the product review on our page by clicking here or the image.

eBikerLeather Womens Motorcycle Jacket Review LJ266-CC-Purple

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