Motorcycle Theft Tips

Are you going to sleep with worries that your motorcycle might be stolen? You are not the only one that worries about it. You really have to watch out for those that admire your motorcycle you just never know what can happen at night. If you ever had your motorcycle stolen you will know that it is an upsetting experience. The news that we all want to hear is how do I protect my motorcycle. Well there are millions of thinks you can do to protect it, but we will focus on the main most popular ideas.

This is the list of top ten states for motorcycle theft:

  • California 9,110
  • Florida 6,324
  • Texas 5,755
  • North Carolina 3,053
  • Ohio 2,573
  • Arizona 2,464
  • New York 2,195
  • Indiana 2,186
  • Georgia 2,159
  • Pennsylvania 2,021

Tip 1
When you park your bike overnight, lock the ignition and remove the key.

Keep your bike locked even if it’s in a garage.

Install a CCTV camera so you can keep your eyes on the bike.

Install alarm on your bike.

Install GPS on your bike.

Never leave your keys in the bike!

If you are on the road, try to park your bike close to security cameras, or park your bike where you can see it.

Share your tips with us on locking up your bike today!

Top 10 Motorcycles Theft States


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