5 Best Riding in Traffic Tips for Motorcycle

Do you think this is easy? Maybe but not for everyone, for example if you are beginner you need to obey these tips more than any other rider. You want to make sure that if the other person is not paying attention you are. Safety is our goal!

  1. Notice – Make sure drivers can see you, from short or long distance. You can also wear gear that has reflective stripes on your back or in front. It is recommended that you have something reflective to wear.
  2. Watch – Constantly be on a look out. Watch drivers moves, because sometimes you can miss that lane switch when people don’t put on their blinker.
  3. Mirrors – Bike mirrors can be lifesavers, but they don’t always show the entire traffic.
  4. Slowing Traffic – If traffic starts to slow down suddenly stay on the left or right of the car in front of you. That way you can escape either right or left, and the car in front of you will see you behind him. Always check your mirrors when avoiding accident the car behind you might go the same way as you.
  5. Surface – Add asphalt condition to your watch, and be sure to lookout for spilled oil, or shiny pavement. However don’t forget about gravel.

 Best Five Motorcycle Riding in Traffic Tips

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  1. Come next year I will hopefully be getting a bike. I’m from NY and triffic here is crazy, so thanks for the tips.

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