Tips on Selling Your Motorcycle

Price – Well pricing can vary based on the damage of the bike, or your love for the bike. However, you might want to look around on classifieds, Craigslist, bike forums, and cycle trader for current price of others for your motorcycle. You can bump the price up and down to make competition for other sellers. It is always good to keep the price range little big higher in case you will want to negotiate with the customer. We strongly recommend to look around for the current pricing, however, at the end do the judgment of your bikes condition.

Looking around the web, we found this great website Nada Guides. It allows you to price your motorcycle with their qualifications like, radio, power steering etc. You get to pick the options, and they will do the pricing for you.

Then you should take that information and look up the pricing on sites we have listed in above paragraph. You probably should shoot between the Nada Guides price range and your resource as well.

Advertising – Advertising does not have to cost you a dime. You can advertise at Craigslist, Cycle Trader, forums, or classified ads. When advertising you don’t want to put your address, until the buyer is ready to pick up the motorcycle or test drive it. Although you should put your state that you are selling the bike in.

Test Ride – If you allow for a test ride, which you should; make sure to check if the tester is qualified to be riding a motorcycle. Always, ask them to bring a DOT approved helmet for testing, you don’t want unwanted trouble with the law. Proper safety apparel should be worn by the tester. You might want to schedule test drive on a parking lot not by your house, for safety reasons.

Time to Sell – Always try to aim for summer sales, due to higher pricing of motorcycles. In winter you will be forced to put the price lower as for what you would take during the summer.

Sold! – Payment options can be frustrating for the seller. Sometimes it is better of that you come up with a small contract, and have the buyer sign it. Cash is preferred by any seller, but it does not always work that way.

Title – Sign and date the title as seller, keep a copy of signed title for future references. Create a receipt for you and your buyer for reference. The receipt should be Bill of Sale for Motorcycle, remember that each state has different requirement it is your best interest that you check them with your local DMV or online. Here is a sample copy of Bill of Sale for Motorcycle .

Registration – Don’t give the buyer your registration card for the motorcycle.

Plates – Don’t allow anyone to use your plates. For your safety it is best that you turn the plates in to Motor Vehicle if not transferring them to another motorcycle.

Insurance – Keep the insurance card for your records, and don’t share it with the buyer. As we all know the insurance cannot be transferred to another person. In your best interest it is better to either cancel the insurance or insure your new motorcycle.

Items – Remember to remove all your personal items, like saddlebags, accessories, cup holders, etc.

Keys – If you have extra set of keys, give it to the buyer.

Manual – If you have the manual you might want to give that to the buyer as well. It will come in handy for beginners.

There you have it, complete guide on selling your motorcycle. If we have missed some information let us know, and we will be more than happy to add it.

For Sale motorcycle

This image is used as an example for sale motorcycle, not actual sale.

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