Tips on Motorcycle Chain Maintenance

Most of us just ignore the chain on our motorcycle, however it requires just as much attention as other gears on your ride. You may think that chains are not important but they play a huge role in motorcycle riding. Quick fact is that a real biker has his bike polished and maintained away from all weird noises. By doing our little steps you will be able to avoid broken chain, and caught chain in the rear wheel.

Tip 1 – O Rings

O Rings play important role in your bike. O ring chains should be lubricated inside every 500 miles of riding.

Tip 2 – Lubrication

There are tons of lubricants available for your motorcycle, for example foam wax, foaming lube etc. Always read the back of the bottle to find out what the lubricant can do for you. Pick the one that suits your best needs.

Tip 3 – How to

You should lubricate your chain in two locations, by spraying the majority of the lube on the inside of the chain. This will force the lube into chain while riding.

Tip 4 Too tight / loose

The chain must be adjusted to exact requirements of your motorcycle. Grab that manual and you will be able to find the exact  requirements. However, in general guidelines allow for about 1 to 1.5 inches of slack. Remember not to adjust it too tight.

So basically you have to lubricate your chain often, to avoid any weird sounds or brakes in the chain.

Tips on Motorcycle Chain Maintenance

Motorcycle Chain Maintenance

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