Tips on Polishing Chrome On a Motorcycle

We all want to have the shiniest chrome to show off.  Every biker will spend good two hours on polishing his motorcycle, this will include cleaning, tuning and waxing. Chrome plays a real role in motorcycles. With our tips we can help you get that shine on your motorcycle.

Purchase either high quality chrome polish such as turtle wax, or Meguiar’s, which both can be found at your local AutoZone, PepBoys, or Strauss auto.

Before applying any wax on the chrome, make sure to clean the area or surface that you will apply the polish to. After cleaning it let’s say from grease with water and soap, make sure to dry the surface for better waxing or polishing options.

Never apply chrome polish directly on the surface of your motorcycle. Apply it to a rag, and work with small areas at a time.

Polishing chrome in hard to reach areas can be difficult task, it might not always go the way you want it to go. However, one suggestion that we found helpful was, taking piece of wood or metal and putting a rag on it, and try to reach into those places. However, never use sharp objects, or you will be faced with scratched chrome.

Spokes and other small parts can take time to polish, make sure to take your time don’t rush otherwise your job will look pretty bad.

Tips on polishing chrome on motorcycle

On left polished piece, on right not polished piece.

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