Biker Chick of the Week! Sash Mouth

Recently we have announced that we will feature one Biker Chick a week, and our inbox was not flooding with a lot of emails. However, here is the lucky pick for Biker Chick of a week. Some of you already probably know Sash from her blog or events. is a regular visitor at Sash Mouth blog, we read all of her posts. Let’s take a moment to introduce our Sash to everyone out’s. Where did the nick name Sash come from? As you might wonder, we did wonder that as well. The nick name is from being a former beauty queen in her old home town.

Sash has not been always into motorcycles, she started to look up information on motorcycle world, when her dad joined a motorcycle club. Which was inspiration to Sash to learn more about motorcycles, culture of clubs and understanding of brotherhood. There is more to Sash than just motorcycling, if I were you I would take the time to sit down and read her About Sash page on her blog. You will find out much more information, on how she grew up and learned her life lessons by herself.

To read more interesting information on Sash click here.

Recently Biker Monkey was on a Toys for Tots Run, and raised lot’s of money. We are supporting Biker Monkey in their private funding for their new redesigned website. We ask you to consider donating to the private funding. Let’s all help our brother Biker Monkey.

Gift List for Bikers

As I have stated in my previous post, it is hard to get your loved ones a thoughtful gift without them knowing. Our crew has prepared a top notch list for your shopping! It goes way back till June, they were comparing and adding products to the list that were purchased mostly during the month. Check out our list, and make shopping easier for yourself and your family. This list will be posted in Trending @ eBikerLeather for your references until Christmas. The list is pretty long, but it is split into categories for easier search.

To find any of our products go to and paste the item number in our search box located under our logo. Example : (Item #: BSK000)

For Her:
Women Halter Tops, Shorts, Bra’s, Panty

  1. Ladies halter top with collar and braid zipper front. (Item #: BSK928)
  2. Ladies short with side laces, zipper in back, laces on front. (Item #: BSK952)
  3. Ladies short with braid on top (Item #: BSK963)
  4. Ladies short with stud and fringe (Item #: BSK965)
  5. Ladies leather panty with chain (Item #: BSK934)
  6. Ladies Leather thong with zipper (Item #: BSK937)
  7. Ladies halter bra with fringes (Item #: BSK920)
  8. Ladies Pink Halter Top (Item #: BSK918-PINK)

Women Leather Motorcycle Jacket

  1. Ladies jacket with zip out lining (Item #: BLJ212)
  2. Ladies Textile Jacket w/ Pink Hoodie (Item #: BLJ7010-CC)
  3. Ladies heavy leather MC Jacket zip out lining w/braid gather sides (Item #: BLJ249-SS)

Women Leather Racer Jackets

  1. Ladies leather racer jacket with a pink stripe and double silver stripe w/reflector,2 pockets (Item #: BLJ238-SS)
  2. Ladies leather racer jacket with double pink stripes, z/o lining, air vents front & back, vertical (Item #: BLJ263-SS)
  3. Ladies leather racer jacket with a pink stripe and double silver stripe w/ reflector, 2 side pockets ( Item #:BLJ238)

Women Leather Vests

  1. Ladies vest with beads, bone, braid and fringe with snaps (Item #: BLV428)
  2. Ladies vest with braid front and back (Item #: BLV445)
  3. Ladies vest with vertical braid front & back, V-Lace on back (Item #: BLV225)
  4. Ladies Traditional Plain Vest w/ Snaps (Item #: BLV8502)
  5. Ladies top dark brown with beads, bone, braid and fringe (Item #: BLV432)

Women Chaps & Pants

  1. Pink Braided chaps leather covered zipper with flap, with mesh lining, (Item #: BC326-PINK)
  2. Ladies’ Naked Cowhide Leather Chaps with Studs (Item #: BC329-01)
  3. Ladies’ Hip-Hugger Leather Pants (Item #: BC503)
  4. Ladies Leather Chaps with Studs and Beaded Fringe (Item #: BC324)
  5. Dream Catcher Ladies Chaps with Bone, Beads and Fringes (Item #: BC323)

Women Funny Packs & Purses

  1. Backpack bag with logo (Item #: BAC1014)
  2. Ladies black rose inlay purse large (Item #: BAC2002)
  3. Ladies purple rose Inlay purse small (Item #: BAC2010)
  4. Ladies back pack with studs and buckle fold over flap (Item #: BAC1021)
  5. Ladies red rose inlay purse large (Item #: BAC2001)

Women Denim

  1. Ladies natural denim sleeveless shirt w/ buttons (Item #: BLSL-Natural)
  2. Ladies pink denim sleeveless shirt w/ buttons (Item #: BLSL-PINK)
  3. Ladies purple denim sleeveless shirt w/ buttons (Items #: BLSL-PURPLE)
  4. Ladies white denim sleeveless shirt w/ buttons (Item #: BLSL-WHITE)

Women Leather Gloves

  1. Ladies full finger gloves (Item #: BGL2078)
  2. Ladies full finger gloves with fringes (Item #: BGL2082)
  3. Ladies gloves with eagle (Item #: BGL2077)

Women Boots

  1. Ladies biker boot with lace up front and side zipper (Item #: BS16-LADIES)
  2. Ladies biker boot with double buckle (Item #: BS11-LADIES)

For Him
Mens Leather Vests

  1. Mens Vest with Side Laces, 2 Front, 2 Inside pockets, Cowhide Leather (Item #: BMV303, BMV303-04)
  2. Mens Plain Vest Black, 2 Front, 2 Inside Pockets, Cowhide Leather (Item #: BMV302, BMV302-04)
  3. Mens Leather Vest w/ Velcro Straps (Item #: BMV315)
  4. Mens No Collar Leather club Vest w/ red liner (Item #: BMV8002-11)
  5. Mens NO Collar Leather club Vest w/ black liner (Item #: BMV8008-11)
  6. Men’s Leather Motorcycle Club Vest (Item #: BMV8001-11)

Mens Motorcycle Jackets

  1. Men’s Racer Jacket with Gathered Sides and Reflective Piping (Item #: BMJ790-SS)
  2. Mens MC Jkt Z/O Lining & Naked Cowhide Leather (Item #: BMJ202-01)
  3. Mens Naked Cowhide Leather Jacket w/ Air vents & Z/o Lining w/ Reflector on front & back (Item #: BMJ814)
  4. Mens naked racer jacket air vents, gather sides,cowhide leather, double zipper front as shown (Item #: BMJ800-01)
  5. Racer Jacket with Reflective Piping & Zip-Out Lining (Item #: BMJ780-BLACK)

Mens Racer Jackets

  1. Mens Naked Cowhide Racer Air vent Jacket, with padding, side belt, Z/O lining long back (Item #: BMJ802-01)
  2. Racer Jacket with Reflective Piping & Zip-Out Lining (Item #: BMJ700-BLACK)
  3. Mens racer jacket with air vents front and back 2 silver stripes front and heavy duty soft leather (Item #: BMJ779-SSLVR)
  4. Mens Premium Naked Cowhide Leather Racer Skull Jacket (Item #: BMJ815)

Mens Chaps & Pants

  1. Braid & fringe chaps adjustable gather in thigh with mesh lining (Item #: BCC337)
  2. Chap with braid and adjustable gather in thigh (Item #: BCC336)
  3. Men’s 5-Pocket Leather Pants (Item #: BC500)
  4. Men’s Naked Cowhide Leather Chap Pants with Side Zippers (Item #: BC1001-01)

Mens Leather Gloves

  1. Fingerless Gloves with Orange Flames (Item #: BGL2017)
  2. All leather rain cover gauntlet glove with Velcro strap w/ lining (Item #: BGL2066)
  3. Men’s Padded Leather & Mesh Racing Gloves w/ Hard Knuckle Protector (Item #: GLZ16)
  4. Men’s Padded Leather Racing Gloves w/ Hard Knuckle Protector (Item #: GLZ6)
  5. All leather long summer gauntlet glove with Velcro strap, lining (Item #: BGL2052)
  6. All leather long summer gauntlet glove with Velcro strap, lining (Item #: BGL2052)
  7. Leather Gauntlet Motorcycle Glove with Lining (Item #: BGL2074)

Mens Boots

  1. Men’s biker boot with eagle at ankle (Item #: BS13-REGULAR)
  2. Men’s biker boot with double buckle (Item #: BS11-EEE)

For Her & Him
Pants Keepers

  1. Buffalo Nickel Boot Clips (Item #: PK-4)
  2. Eagle Boot Clip (Item #: PK-10)
  3. POW Boot Clip (Item #: PK-7)

Motorcycle Boot Chains

  1. Dead Man Hand Boot Chain (Item #: BBC-20)
  2. Skull Boot Chain (Item #: BCC-10)
  3. USA Eagle Boot Chain (Item #: BBC-15)

Motorcycle Helmets

  1. 200 Black Shiny Helmet (Item #: B200-BLACK-SHINY)
  2. 200 Boneyard Silver DOT Helmet (Item #: B200-BONEYARD_SILVER)
  3. Black Chrome Eagle Shiny Novelty Helmet (Item #: BHC101-01)
  4. Black Chrome Jockey / Hawk Shiny Novelty Helmet (Item #: BHC104-01)
  5. Smokey Shiny Novelty Helmet (Item #: BH406)

Motorcycle Saddlebags

Since we have so many that go head to head in selling, we have decided to put them in a Best Selling Category on our website. Click here to see Saddlebags.


Accessories are pretty much head to head as well, so in order to make it easier for our customers we will point you directly to category page by clicking here.

Christmas Gift

Christmas Gift Ideas

Christmas is Getting Closer

Christmas is getting closer, and the list of presents is getting longer. But we all know that we won’t get everything from that list. Do you know what to get for your wife or husband? Probably not since it seems like they have everything that you can think of at this given time. We are here to help, you with making the decision. We have a great team working on Christmas gifts for her and him. It consists of 6 people 3 women and 3 men. Their full day of work since Tuesday, is only about that list. They are analyzing the list for final steps. As soon as I get the list it will be published on our blog. From the news that I have received today morning, the list should be done either today, or tomorrow morning. That way you still have 20 days to shop and review our list.

Dear Santa List

Dear Santa all I want for Christmas is a New Harley Davidson!

2012 Special Edition Ural Yamal with Paddle

Did you know that Yamal translated as “the end of Earth” and it is a peninsula in Russia. Siberian manufacturer copied blueprint for the Yamal just before 2nd World War from German BMW R-71, and the bike has been in production ever since. So now you know little history of Ural you are able to understand what this motorcycle is all about. This Ural Yamal has 749cc twin cylinder engine with shaft drive for switchable to two wheel drive. The 2012 edition is only available in one color, flat orange. Fifty first Yamals will make it first to U.S where they will retail at $14,250. There is no word yet on whether they will be imported to UK.

If you would like to learn more about Ural Yamal I do recommend checking out Fuzzy Galore Blog. You will be surprised of information that Fuzzy has prepared over the past years on Ural Yamal for you.

Original article can be found here.

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Elevator Prank

You have to watch this! It is hilarious!

Apple buys “Lightning” from Harley Davidson

Recently I have been reading all over the web that Apple has bought “Lightning” trademark from Harley Davidson. Who would have thought that Harley Davidson would own something that Apple might desire. Remember when Apple released their “Lightning” dock connector, for the new iPhone 5? Apple has also promised that all future devices will be equipped with the “Lightning” connector. I have not seen any money discussion between Apple and Harley Davidson, so I can’t fill you in on that. But I can add a fact that the Lightning line of bikes was produced by Buell Motorcycle Co., and later on they were bought by Harley Davidson, and shut down in 2009. After Harley has purchased Buell, they got the rights to own “Lightning” trademark.

Harley Davidson and Apple Trademark Lightning

Apple buys Lightning from Harley Davidson

Adventures of freedom never stop! Read about cool experiences of others and create your own adventures of freedom!

Janus Motorcycles Hand Made in America

Have you thought that you will see in 2012 a Hand Made In America Motorcycles? I never even thought about it since machines do most of the work for us in these days. The goal of Janus Motorcycles was to introduce a line of simple, and stylish motorcycles that will appeal to male or female riders. Janus Motorcycles is located in Indiana, and employs primarily local vendors and artisans. The bikes that they build are not replicas of any other brand. However, they were not even designed to emulate the history; all Janus Motorcycles wants is appealing production line to female, and male riders. Janus Motorcycles is going to be known for building not ordinary bikes, but for those who love freedom, joy and not seeing themselves go 150 mph. Here is a quote that I found interesting from Janus Motorcycles.

We hope that what we are trying to accomplish is a step toward building a younger, broader generation of American riders, and ideally, a new American motorcycle company producing bikes ranging from 125 to 250cc’s.”

Well, what has impressed me that the price for a Halycon 50 or Halycon Basic starts at lower than $6,000 . Which is really appealing to people that can’t afford to pay $10,000 for a Harley. However, the Halycon 50 was a record breaker in 1920’s and 1930’s of production.

Engine & Transmission

  • Type: Water-cooled, case-inducted, 2-stroke single
  • Displacement: 49.9cc
  • Bore/Stroke: 39.86 X 40mm
  • Carburation: 17mm Dellorto carburetor
  • Lubrication: Mechanical oil pump
  • Starting System: Kick and electric
  • Exhaust: Tuned expansion chamber with stinger
  • Final Drive: Chain
  • Clutch Wet, multi-plate
  • Gearbox: 6-speed
  • Fuel Capacity: 3 gallons
  • Oil capacity: 1 quart

Frame, Running Gear & Displays

  • Frame: Tubular steel cradle
  • Wheels: Cast aluminum hubs with steel 36 spoke rims
  • Tires: Front 3.00X18, Back 3.50X18
  • Suspension: EBR hydraulic forks, hard-tail with sprung seat
  • Brakes: Front and rear drum
  • Instrumentation: Analog speedometer, turn indicator and neutral lights


  • Maximum Power: 9.8 hp
  • Maximum Speed: 55mph
  • Fuel Efficiency: Estimated 60+mpg

Check out more information on Janus Motorcycles by clicking here.

Janus Motorcycles

Janus Motorcycles Hand Made In America

FML – Get the Guts to spill the beans

Have you ever looked online for a good laugh? I bet you have, and so have we. But recently we were looking for funny motorcycle stories or pictures. The search results were dull so we decided to turn our heads towards FML. It was fun reading all the problems that people have. It seemed like some of the things don’t just happen to them, but we as well could relate to them. So we did a motorcycle search on FML, but the results were only 3 pages. Then we started to dig through the 3 pages and picked out the best ones.

  1. Today, I fell off my boyfriend’s motorcycle. I had a few scrapes and bruises, and my boyfriend called for an ambulance as a precaution. The paramedics managed to drop me on my head.

  2. Today, while working as a police dispatcher, I took a call for a motorcycle accident that occurred near my house. After obtaining all the essential information I realized the rider was my brother. He doesn’t own a motorcycle, but I do.

  3. Today, I had my girlfriend drive me to go buy a motorcycle. I rode it 50 minutes home, got in the drive way, put the kick stand down, and then lost my balance and fell on the other side. I paid $3000 to drop it in the first hour and break the turn signal off.

  4. Today, my husband decided to drain his motorcycle oil into an empty bottle of laundry detergent. Also today, I decided to lift a stain out of my white comforter with some detergent I found in the garage.

  5. Today, I was on my way home from work and decided to stop at the grocery store. I purchased $200 in groceries and went to put them in my car. I then realized I drove my motorcycle today.

Which story is your favorite? Leave a response in a comment.

More of FML at this link.

FML Get the guts to spill the beans

Motorcycle FML get the guts to spill the beans.


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