Settle for Comfort

Born to be wild, but settling for comfort? Have you noticed that a lot of people prefer to settle for comfort while riding their motorcycle. What has inspired me to write about this topic was Sturgis Rally last year.

We all know anyone can get to Sturgis. But the way you get there matters mostly. Whether you prefer comfort or not, you still riding that motorcycle down to Sturgis. Now last Sturgis Rally what I have noticed that a lot of people came with their motorcycles but in trailers. I was surprised, by the amount of people showing up like that. I don’t know if it is because of all the stealing that goes on, age, miles, hours, gas Β or comfort issues.

If you have a show bike, it will not be as comfortable as Harley Davidson. So you are probably better off not riding it for long time. But a lot of people did have different types of motorcycles, and most of them seemed very comfortable.

If you are in that age of not being able to ride, it is understandable that you will choose the comfort, and we do agree with that. But now if you are at the age where you can show your freedom and ride a car to Sturgis than it shows that you are not a real biker. Most people don’t understand that a real biker, rides his motorcycle to every event in the United States.

Comfort will win with you. We are at 21st century and our seats are more comfortable than back in the days. But back in the days bikers rode their bikes to events, not the car.

My opinion is if you can ride a motorcycle, be in the right category of age, than you should be riding your motorcycle on daily basis. Miles, gas, hours and comfort will not matter to you.

Settle for Comfort

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  1. arnoldthearmadillo

     /  November 1, 2012

    Not a lot of point going to a bike rally in a car..


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