NJ Gas Problems

The latest’s on NJ gas problems is not over yet. But I have to say that everyone if fed up with the lines. We have heard that people pull out words, guns, axes on each other just for cutting the line. Is it worth it? The only people that are in line for gas are those who did not feel like getting gas before Sandy Hurricane, or those that drive a lot. Other than that if you have a full gas of tank or half gas of tank and you know you won’t be on the road, why bother going to get the gas? Stay at home and enjoy by watching TV.

Some gas stations charge as high as 5$, and people will pay it, because they are desperate. As the trouble continues for NJ, we hope that everything will be back to normal on Monday. Since where we live in NJ, most of the power was restored today morning, but we were without power for 3 days.

If you want to experience real Halloween spirit, you should visit a town where there is not power, and it will look like everyone was moved out.

Follow the latest updates about  NJ gas on Twitter by typing in search #njgas. Twitter will help you locate gas station near you. People post which gas stations are open, and have gas.

New Jersey Gas Problems

New Jersey Gas Problems

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