Bikers Donate Coats for Kids

Motorcycle group called Abate from Washington, came by NBC Station on Saturday and brought a surprise. Almost hundred bikers road into the parking lot and dropped off over 400 Coats for Kids drive. Here is a quote from Jim Crume, “We’re all people of the community and if we’re helping the community that only all makes us feel better up here and that’s where we’re all coming from. We’re all people and we all want to help out.” That is not the first year that the group has done a bigger donation. They have spend last 3 months preparing for Saturday.

If you would like to be part of this tradition, drop-off locations can be found on Coats for Kids page.

Click here to watch the of Bikers Donating Coats video.

Coats for Kids, Abate

Motorcycle group called Abate donates Coats for Kids.

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  1. I love our biker community sooo much. Thanks for posting this, my new friend. It’s so nice to know about people helping other people. Your blog is awesome and creating a cohesive, kind community in and of itself. 🙂


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