Biker Babe Tours

We felt like we don’t include as much of information for biker women than we should. That is why we found this cool website called Biker Babe Tours. You can find upcoming tours, register for tours, photo galleries from previous tours, and more information about the organization of tours. Biker Babe Tours goes by a slogan of Adventure. Fun. Friendship. The next tour they will take is through Sedona, which includes 4 days, 3 nights, in Kanab, UT, plus rides among the red rocks of Zion. It sounds like a lot of fun! Don’t wait and register here.

Little about the tour guide.Liz Casey, Biker Babe Tours, CEO and Tour Guide

The tour guide is Liz Casey, a long term motorcyclist and quest hunter. She rides purple Harley Davidson Street Glide. Liz has over 30 years of riding skill on motorcycles of all types and sizes. She is certified to give First-Aid! Liz loves to share the excitement and love for the road with other women motorcyclists. With Liz’s tours you will be able to find the power in the roar of pipes, and the rush of freedom.

Check out Biker Babe Tours website here, or visit their blog for interesting trips and articles on their past experiences by clicking here.

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  1. Thank you so very much for the beyond-cool plug here, my wind-brother! You are awesome-sauce for doing this. Getting the word out about our various biker ventures, whether touring or selling wares or writing books, is the largest part of the battle; so I deeply appreciate your blog post, my new friends. Hugs from Sedona, AZ! -Liz

  2. Oh, and I will reciprocate with a blog post about you guys, too. : ))


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