Biker Dating and Tips

How many of us have tried Zoosk, eHarmony, or Match? Probably plenty, and for most it did not work out. However, we would like to introduce couple bikers dating websites. After doing a research online for reviews and comments we have found out that the most popular biker dating website is Biker Planet. Let’s introduce all of the websites that we have reviewed in the past 2 weeks.

1. Biker Planet
Cool, casual website, for anyone that rides a bike. In order to view more information you have to register and fill out the form on home page.

2. Biker Match Making
Now, this website is more opened up, you can see profiles of people at the home page, which gives you basic idea on how you will feel between other bikers.

3. Biker Dating Network
We rank this website as last due to pictures on home page. I would prefer if the pictures used in that website would be more about bikers not just regular people.

You will find the perfect person by riding and meeting with other people. Don’t waste any time at home sitting just get out and ride. By riding your motorcycle you will experience adventure, fun, meeting new people, meeting the right person, and lot of stories to share.

We have found another website called Biker or Not. Which acts more like a social network, just like Facebook, except with less features. However, this might be the right website to start at, and continue to other websites.

To finalize this post, we would like to say that, you should get out and ride, before signing up on one of the websites.

Kristine Choma and Brian Feliciano

Kristine Choma and Brian Feliciano Dating

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