Biker Chick of the Week! Sash Mouth

Recently we have announced that we will feature one Biker Chick a week, and our inbox was not flooding with a lot of emails. However, here is the lucky pick for Biker Chick of a week. Some of you already probably know Sash from her blog or events. is a regular visitor at Sash Mouth blog, we read all of her posts. Let’s take a moment to introduce our Sash to everyone out’s. Where did the nick name Sash come from? As you might wonder, we did wonder that as well. The nick name is from being a former beauty queen in her old home town.

Sash has not been always into motorcycles, she started to look up information on motorcycle world, when her dad joined a motorcycle club. Which was inspiration to Sash to learn more about motorcycles, culture of clubs and understanding of brotherhood. There is more to Sash than just motorcycling, if I were you I would take the time to sit down and read her About Sash page on her blog. You will find out much more information, on how she grew up and learned her life lessons by herself.

To read more interesting information on Sash click here.

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  1. There’s a lot to know about chicks who love motorcycles. If only more women tried to understand why we love motorcycles, then I’m sure they’d love motorcycles too…

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