Improvements to eBikerLeather Blog

As you have noticed we are doing some changes to our blog. We are working on improving the navigation throughout our blog. For easy and fast way’s of finding the right post for you. eBikerLeather Blog has gained some pages in our navigation. One of the pages is Submit News to us. We want you to be part of our blog, so send us your news story for review. After the review is completed we will email scheduled time that the story will be posted.

Stories can vary in many different topics. For example take our blog, we have articles on apparel, accessories, facebook, fun stuff, and motorcycles. In order for us not to reject your news, please get familiar with our Submit News Requirements, there is only 3 that we follow.

Another page that we have added is banners. On there you will be able to find banners with our company’s logo and slogan. The banners are there to help us spread the word out that we are growing faster than expected. Our blog receives over 300 views a day, we are hoping to increase this to 1,000 pretty soon.

The last page that was recently added is Christmas gifts ideas. In that page you can find help in finding the correct gift for your loved ones. We have separated the products into categories, for easy navigation.

On right side of our blog you can find people that are advertising with us. But we will not advertise our competition. However, we do take every website into consideration, plus the advertising is free with us, unless you are in different niche than us. If you are for example blogging about animals, and our niche is motorcycles, please don’t send your website to us.

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