Motorcycle Club Savings

First I would like to say how Hallowed Sons MC meat with . It was only one day after hurricane Sandy has passed, and everyone was trying to get back to work. I have never heard of Hallowed Sons MC before until the day after hurricane Sandy. Hallowed Sons MC, were the first ones to arrive at New Dorp, to assist locals with the damage. They were there before FEMA or Red Cross, what is the best about Hallowed Sons MC is that they were not serving a small hot meal and an apple, they were serving burgers, hot dogs, and grilled food. In the matter of time I saw a post that was featured on eBikerLeather Daily News, it was selected as the main post. So I read it, because I was curious of the damage that Sandy has done. After reading the post on the blog I saw Hallowed Sons MC mentioned couple times, so I took a look at their website and facebook page. From there I contacted Hardway, to get more information on what is the situation at New Dorp. After couple emails, eBikerLeather crew was going down to help at New Dorp. We have packed up car with goods, and drove down to New Dorp. As we were approaching New Dorp we saw a lot of damage done by Sandy, people were still without power, and it was already 3rd week since Sandy passed through New Jersey. We got to Hallowed Sons MC camp, and I meat Ratchet.

At first I felt that Ratchet was not going to get along with me at all. But after couple talks I got to meet the real Ratchet. We talked for an hour or so, and he helped me understanding the brotherhood that they have. Ratchet explained to me the meaning of the message that is located on Hallowed Sons MC website.

After the talks, we went and started to work on moving stuff from one camp ground to another. Mean while Hardway has arrived at the camp ground, and I had a talk with him as well. With Hardway I was able to talk about history of Hallowed Sons MC. After that it was time to get home, and analyze everything.

That is the story of how eBikerLeather crew started to understand the brotherhood of clubs, and how to support it. Now we have launched a page on our website in support o 99% Clubs and 1% Clubs.

Check out the Motorcycle Club page here.

Motorcycle Club Savings

Motorcycle Club Savings

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