Victory Motorcycles Mobile App

Recently I have been reading articles at Biker Monkey Blog about maps for the road. Biker Monkey our good friend, has showed quick, easy and effective ways of adding new routes to your smart phone. After doing some research online to improve your riding experience even more, I have found a cool application for your mobile. Take your ride to the next level with Victory Motorcycles mobile application. Let’s grade the app, 100 is the best score.

First look at the app.

  1. It shows weather for your location. +5
  2. Uses Google Maps (traffic, winds, temperature, map view or satellite view). +15
  3. Shows Local Dealers of Victory Motorcycles. +5
  4. Services can be sorted as a list, Gas stations, Restaurants, Hotels / Motels, Victory Motorcycle Services. +20
  5. Add new routes. +5
  6. Allows tracking of your road, or you can view the map of your road. +15
  7. Plan a route with way points, from A to B. +20
  8. Search the Region for anything from point 4. +10

Over all a score of 95 points!

It is a great application if you have unlimited internet data on your monthly plan. That is the only con that I could think of right now. I have tested the application on iPhone 5 and Samsung S3 (Android) both it worked perfect. Only on the Samsung S3 it opened the app faster and it was working quicker than on the iPhone 5.

Victory Motorcycle Mobile Application

Victory Motorcycle Mobile Application

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