Hardcore Sin Rival Motorcycle

Love a Softail? But would prefer to turn grab more attention on the road? We have the solution for you, check out Sin Rival motorcycle from Hardcore Cycles. The name Sin Rival is Spanish, and when you translates it means “without rivals”. In other words, meaning the best bike in the world. Marcus Walz has done so many rebuilds of Harley Davidson motorcycles, and it does not matter to them what type, like FatBoy, Night Train or any other Harley Davidson series motorcycle. The customization package starts at $29,000 including custom paint job. You can add on stuff while they build the bike, but it will cost extra. Another great accessory they add to the price is the certificate of authenticity to prove the value of your ride, if you would like to sell it.

Hardcore Sin Rival

Hardcore Sin Rival

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  1. Ohhhh gawd….that bike is so delicious. Mama wants! 🙂

  2. vancouverstuntgirl

     /  January 17, 2013

    Reblogged this on vancouverstuntgirl and commented:
    I do ❤ a softail…..but how did u know??? 😀


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