15th Anniversary Cross Country Tour Limited-Edition

If you were attending the International Motorcycle Show in New York, Friday, Saturday or Sunday; you were able to see the Victory 15th Anniversary Cross Country Limited Edition motorcycle. I was able to see it on Saturday, and I was expecting a more wild or wicked paint job. However, after reading about Cross Country Tour Limited Edition I found out that only 150 bikes will be made featuring this exclusive antares red over gloss black paint with gold pin striping. The reason for this is to replicate paint scheme from the first Victory motorcycle ever build on the Fourth of July 1998. I will list all the new features below.

  • Paint Job replica from 1998
  • Custom Billet wheels with Chrome
  • Custom Victory 15th Anniversary Stitching on Seats
  • Saddlebags rails
  • 15th Anniversary Badge
  • Numbered Badge for Limited Edition Model
  • Garmin GPS
  • Ultimate Audio System
  • Trunk Rack 41 Gallons
  • Extra chrome around the paint

As you can see the 15th Anniversary Cross Country Tour Limited Edition is packed with full list of cool features.

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