2013 International Motorcycle Show in New York

It was one of the best motorcycle shows I have been to so far in 2013. If you missed this year there is always next year, however you did miss a lot of fun. There were over 50 biker clubs at the Jacobs Javits Convention Center in New York. Victory has revealed their 15th Anniversary motorcycle on Friday, and everyone was able to see it on Saturday and Sunday. Harley Davidson had their own tactic of bringing attention, they were allowing people to sit on Harley and teach them how to ride a motorcycle. Of course everything was advised by Harley Davidson professionals. The show over all was amazing featuring J&P Cycles motorcycles, Suzuki Hayabusa, custom motorcycles, vendors, and so much more. It is hard to grasp all of it that happened in 5 hours into 1 post. However, we took over 500 pictures of motorcycles, and went through and threw out the bad ones that were smudged. All of pictures can be found here at our facebook page. On the blog will be posted only top 5 pictures.

Click here for all images from 2013 International Motorcycle Show in New York.

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