Very unique ride, with high performance and superior details.

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Considered Brough Superior’s best-known model, the Brough Superior SS 100 was designed and built by George Brough in Nottingham, England in 1924. Sixty-nine SS100s were produced in 1925 and at £170 were advertised by Brough as the “Rolls Royce of Motorcycles”. The term was coined by magazine road tester in his review of the bike, and Brough eventually obtained explicit permission to use it after a Rolls-Royce executive toured the Brough Superior factory. All bikes had a guarantee that they were capable of 100 mph.

Vintage Motorcycle Photographs

All Brough Superior motorcycles were high performance and superior quality. Most were custom-built to the customer’s needs. Each motorcycle was assembled twice. The first assembly was for fitting of all components, then the motorcycle was disassembled and all parts were painted or plated as needed, then the finished parts were assembled a second time. Every motorcycle was test ridden to ensure that it performed to specification…

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  1. bikermonkey

     /  January 22, 2013

    Very cool scoot!


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