To All Women Riders

Today I have decided to dedicate this post to all women riders. Those who have been riding for many years and those who just have started riding. Times change and we start seeing a lot more women riders out on the open road. It is great to see women riding along with their men. But it is even better to see women ride by the side of their man. Well my point is to encourage more women to start riding motorcycles. If you always wanted to ride a motorcycle get out there and take that ride. Don’t let people or work interrupt your wishes, make your wishes happen. I have just received a very inspiring message on facebook from Tina.

Tina posted
“I’m 65 and live with head to toe bone and nerve damage pain…. No problem… It gives me something to kick butt on! And when I’m tired of that God takes over this kid ~;-} They said I’d never walk again.. Bwahahaha!! Who has to walk anyway… when ya’ll can ride!! Oh Yeah baby!;-}”

This is really inspiring message to all women riders, never give up and go pursue the dream of riding. is standing 100% behind women riders. As you know we do support Motorcycle Clubs, and I would like to bring your attention to Ladies 1% MC. 121 Ladies are the best group of women riding that I have ever meat. They are spontaneous, courage’s, and never fear to ride. If you are a women that is looking for inspiration I do recommend checking out their facebook page.

Check out Ladies 1% on facebook.

Ride Safe!

Women Riders

Women Riders

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