Biker Babe Tours is in Ladies of Harley HOG. Congratulations!


Thought you all might enjoy reading my first LOH article to my Harley Owners Group chapter for our newsletter, The HOG Log. So, here ya go:


Hi, my HOGgy peeps! First of all, thank you so much for voting me in to lead Ladies of Harley for 2013. Granted, I was the only one on the ballot, which made the whole thing pretty easy-peasy in my book (Ha!), but your confidence in me to take on this role and hold up the tradition is truly flattering. I am filling shoes that are, frankly, hard to fill, but I’m not doing it alone. I have loving sisters and brothers of HOG, helping me along the way. So, I’m honored to serve and hope that I do the position justice.

As I see it, my role in LOH is to inspire women riders and passengers to become more involved in HOG and…

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  1. Dude!! Thank you so much for the coolest of props here. I sooo appreciate this ping-back! You are so good about connecting and supporting the biker community and encouraging others. I just love ya, brotha! 🙂


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