TomTom Rider

Do you own a TomTom Rider? If so you are probably disappointed; however, folks at TomTom have made it clear that the new TomTom Rider will not be fading into darkness. With the realizing of how bad was the feedback of the old device. TomTom will try their luck with the same name in 2013, only a brand new set of specifications and features. It looks like TomTom listened to customers feedback and decided to give one more try with TomTom Rider. The device is made so that it sits on and allows you to get guided in real time, find local hotspots, and share routes with bikers via Bluetooth.

TomTom Rider

The new updated TomTom Rider allows for using Bluetooth to listen for directions inside your helmet. All you need is a Bluetooth friendly ear buds. The new charging bike dock turns the device on and off with the ignition. TomTom Rider will feature a improved display for better clicking and better visibility in the sun. Another interesting feature is that the screen is 4.3-inch and it is touch friendly, and biker glove friendly. Which is great, there will be no more taking off motorcycle gloves for changing directions.

TomTom Rider

The rumors are that TomTom decided to do another version of Rider from most of the bad reviews that the first generation of Rider received. TomTom has stated that their main source for improving the GPS system was motorcycle communities. Another major add on to TomTom Rider is allowing for a biker to find and ride the best scenic routes in the world.

With a complete software for your PC, or MAC you will be able to create routes or interest points and load them up to the GPS for the road. The device is able to be used in all types of weather, without you worrying that it might rain on the device. Including Free Lifetime Maps forever. I hope we have changed your mind about the old TomTom Rider and that you will try out the new beast TomTom Rider as soon as it comes out.

Make sure to watch the new video for TomTom Rider, I have to admit they done a great job with presenting TomTom Rider.

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