Husband & Wife, 2 Motorcycles, 6 Months, 48 States, and Only the Gear They Can Carry

Husband and wife, two motorcycles, 6 months, 48 states, and only the gear they can carry! This sounds like a perfect motorcycle show? It is better than that, because it will actually happen! It all started with an idea of taking a Gypsy Trip.  In April, Tina, and Steve will be heading out on the road to unknown destination, with no schedule where to arrive. This will be one amazing trip, to read about. eBikerLeather has known Sash for some time now and is in partnership with Tina and Steve to provide the needed gear, and support for the trip. We will be following closely their journey; each day a new adventure without schedule and no plans on their journey to unknown place.

Sash and Highway Gas Stop Jacumba

I can’t wait to read about their first day of adventures. Remember to follow Road Pickle for the latest updates on Tina and Steve, their adventure might not at all.

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