Motorcycle Designed by Wayne Rooney for Auction

Most people ask who is Wayne Rooney? Well he is a Manchester United star. If you don’t follow soccer it will be hard to grasp who he is. Manchester United is one of the top best soccer clubs in Europe, they complete with clubs like Liverpool, or Chelsea. Rooney’s custom motorcycle could bring in around $62,084 to $93,126. Bonham’s is the one that will be auctioning the motorcycle. Below is a list of special features designed by Rooney.

  • Autographed No 10 football shirt mounted, and lacquer sealed onto the petrol tank
  • Special shift incorporating 21 black diamonds and white diamonds
  • Rear mudguard featuring artwork depicting Ronney’s celebration of his spectacular goal against Manchester City in 2011, that helped Manchester United claim that year’s Premiership Title and was named Best Goal of the season.

All raised money will go to KidsAid, a Danish charitable foundation that helps young people affected by illness.

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  1. Seriously? Designed by Rooney?


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