Hello Bikers

My name is Sabine and I was born in Luxemburg. If you want to find me check out my facebook page, however, everyone calls me Baby Frogg. I have just entered competition to win a bike, and to accomplish my dream of riding with Betsy and Kevin in America. With your help I will be able to do that, and much more, including meeting bikers from all around the world. The competition is until April 13th, 2013; you may vote once a day for my picture. I could really use your support, and I am very thankful for all the votes. I have been living in Malaga, Spain for over 24 years. But you might have seen me on a Fat Boy special over the past days. The picture was taken in the summer at El Chorro Lac Malaga. If you have not seen me at all you better click here, or out’s you will miss out on a lot, if you know what I mean.

Thank you for all support from everyone! Spread the word about my competition.

Click here to vote for Baby Frogg picture.


Vote for Baby Frogg

Guest post by Sabine. eBikerLeather crew votes once a day for Baby Frogg, it only takes 1 minute, so contribute to help her accomplish the dream.

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