Harley Davidson Rentals

Lately I have noticed that Harley Davidson is advertising their rental dealer locations more often. Harley Davidson is celebrating the 110th Anniversary, and this might be a marketing tactic that is used with the anniversary. However, I do admit that they have locked in over 220,000 hours of riding and excess of 50 million miles, which is 80.5 million km. So far I do believe that Harley Davidson is stealing the spot light from Indian Motorcycles. Harley Davidson has 224 authorized rental locations in US and Canada, some of 121 in other 18 countries.

With a rental of Harley Davidson you get, Harley Davidson helmet, rain gear, short term luggage storage, and 24 hour roadside assistance. In order for you to be able to rent the motorcycle you need to be at least 21 and have A license. I don’t think we need to mention that you do have to be able to hold heavyweight motorcycles.

Harley Davidson Rentals

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